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Is there a way to compile a game for Windows from Linux in Unreal engine? I did google some posts but the answer was either use a Virtual machine which will not be done or use the the theoretical method of using mingw but the forum posts state that it will be tricky business or use a windows machine. I have dual booted windows with linux on my machine.

However since the machine has a 512 gb ssd most of the storage space is devoted to unreal engine which takes 47 gigs in itself and have a lot of programs installed I have a usable 20 gigs left out of 145 gig partition. Windows has around 318 gigs of storage to it but I have 100 gigs free at most. So after installing the windows sdk, visual studio with extensions, unreal engine and some other stuff I don't have much space left for myself. I need that much space since I install a lot of games to my ssd. So now I cant load my bigger projects for playing on my windows. I could use my hdd which is mostly used for backups and 100+ gig stuff. Though the hdd's are of course far slower than ssd's which shouldn't be a problem however last time I used visual studio it ate more than 2 gigs of ram for a solution meaning that the compiler has very low memory for itself to actually compile so for any large files the hdd has more of a bottleneck.

Oh and I can't upgrade my ssd's or ram because I don't have enough money.

Thanks for the answers in advance

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    Is a pipeline an option?
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    Nevermind I will just remove linux and use windows
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    If your build target is Windows, then you'll have less headaches by building on Windows - the limiting factor from what I've come across is the Windows header files, libs and whatnot that prevent you from compiling/building windows native stuff. The interim shim solution is MinGW as you mentioned but it will bring it's own set of gotchas and headaches as you'd find out if you had gone that way.
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    @Sony-wf-1000xm3 congratulations on getting some sense =D
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