Technical interview to solve a fairly simple problem. I proved that I am an idiot.

Really don't want to work for a company that doesn't test new hires well and hires idiots. Ironic :D

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    What problem was it?
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    What was the given problem?
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    Simulate throwing a dice 4 times. Print specific points for a straight, 4 of a kind, 3 of a kind, pair, or the number you rolled if no other rules apply.

    I totally lost my head and could not even think about the problem. Quite embarrassing given it's not terribly hard.
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    Well, you can simulate a dice with a random function.

    But what that 4 of a kind, pair, etc mean there?
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    You need to roll the dice 4 times. Of all 4 are the same number 50 points, if it's a straight like in poker 100, 3 of a kind 25 points. So on.
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    I see! Looks fairly easy to me.
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    Never played poker so I guess I would have failed too :>

    Edit: You know my religion prohibits me to gamble right?
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    @daearol test involving RNG? Are they some intermediary by casino?
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    @vintprox Terminology I’m not familiar with
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    Yes lol
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