Hey fellow selfish Millenials who want to be paid for their valuable work, how's the job hunting going?

I'm a few days into hunting for some interesting part time work and I'm already encountering some real gems... Pinnacle of irony with this one.

Anyone got some horrific tales to share? This is a safe space for your anguish to finally be released, I promise.

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    Work for free yaaaaaaaay i guess people figure that what people can get from them is experience.

    Its bullshit and damn near slavery!!
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    Meanwhile in France internship have a mandatory salary. The minimum is shitty sure but there nonetheless.
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    They expect no working output from interns, rewarding them proportionately to their contribution?
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    I found the perfect job for me.
    Make apps, invent, make videos and a portal. Work how I want, when I want and get 💯% profit from my work (less when I start paying taxes)
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    The day we figure out how to substitute food and shelter with E X P O S U R E will be a great day indeed
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    @AleCx04 yea this one is just particularly bad to be unpaid. It’s not like you’re making medical software or websites for non-profit orgs. They have you making software for managing crypto currency wealth. Wtfffff. Not paying money to make software for managing money belonging to people who have enough money to invest. But I suppose you get to put the all important blockchain on your resume .
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    I'm on my third job now and each job search has taken 1-4 months. Don't get discouraged. There are lots of crappy jobs you don't want, and the real winners are usually quite picky so be prepared for some disappointment and tough interview processes. Finally landed a job I really love though so it's worth it in the end.
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    @Commodore the legality of inpaided internships in the USA is... Questionable. Any company that has you working for over 10 hours and isn't a nonprofit, is more than likely required to pay you. I worked in the career center at my college. The problem is, like most employment laws here, few people even know the law, much less care.
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    @ChaoticGoods plus what can be a non profit in the US is pretty vague. Ex a hospital can be a nonprofit and still charge markup and still do all the things of a for profit business as long at they accept patients who can’t pay. So then they get federal money to compensate for those that can’t pay. And then they can have unpaid interns working as long as they want.
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    @jeeper yeah pretty much. I think the gist of it is supposed to be "if the intern is making you money, paid em." But unfortunately no one really enforces it. Surprisingly though, the school I went to stopped posting unpaid internships unless they were for something like the Alzheimer's Association.
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    @jeeper yup, i bet there are a bunch of developers willing to do this right now just to put that blockchain experience on their resume
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    @AleCx04 fists in with the general business model of that hype:

    1. go fucking blockchain

    2. ???

    3. make an assload of money
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    Why do you have to know both Angular and React though? 🤔
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    They are probably bullshitting if they expect an intern to know that technology stack while working for them for free.
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    @gamingfail123 It does not matter anyway. Many jobs just list
    required knowledge that people who do actually have it should be paid with 200k+ per annum.
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