Safari is like IE to me. Quirks, missing features, useless debugging tools, vendor specific.
At least Microsoft started fixing is turd.

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    Safari give you great battery life on mac
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    @sheepz, Sure, and a car without an engine doesn't use much fuel
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    @cybojenix still, great battery life, especially vs chrome
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    Safari is the most optimized browser for Mac. But I only use it for viewing videos such as YouTube and Twitch. For development I explicitly use Chrome.
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    Polishing a turd is different than fixing a turd
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    @luminous-flux, yeah it's still terrible, but at least they're actually fixing + adding features
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    Yeah safari is the new IE. And theres lots of old macs where you cant upgrade safari without updating the os.

    .. and macs where you cant update os :)
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    i kinda forgot about safari for a few months
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