No 120hz :((((( crapple :(((

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    Meanwhile in 2024
    Apple: look we have a new smooth experience with our 120hz screens

    Literally everybody else: *laughs while he/she/it watches the keynote on his 240hz capable phone*
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    @fuckwit I honestly can’t tell the difference between 120 and 240. I can distinguish 90 and 120 though
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    iPad: USB-C
    MacBook: USB-C
    iPhone: Proprietary bullshit.

    Even Apple's own ecosystem population will need two chargers for their devices because they just can't let go of that damn plug for some reason.

    Can't say I'm not impressed with the design. They still have made no effort to cool the throbbing, painful notch at the top, and the camera still makes a naked iPhone wobble when set down on a table, but my first and only iPhone was an iPhone 4 and it's nice to see them going back to that easy to hold flat design.

    I think the matte finish looks better than the shiny "pro" finish. Cmon Apple, chrome is so ten years ago.

    Camera looks like a lot of hands took part in making it some of the most fine tuned smartphone camera stuff in the world, but I bet you $100 I couldn't tell the difference any of those long words and expensive titles make.

    5mn is objectively impressive, the actual silicon is a powerhouse. And that power isn't tapped by x86 so we can really see those transistors roar.

    I bet the bank they had the technology for high refresh rate, but the limiting factor was battery. I've specifically limited my OnePlus 7 Pro screen's refresh rate even though it is capable of desktop level frame rate. Mostly because I don't need it as much as I need the battery.

    The magnet thing looks like a fiasco. Besides keeping the charger on your phone, it looks totally useless.

    5G? who cares. Not me.

    And that's everything the new generation of MoneyPit iSocialStatus has to offer
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    > chrome is so 10 years ago

    Everything is chrome in the future:
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    @saucyatom deleted the original one eh
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    @uyouthe Maybe I did, maybe I didn't. Maybe this whole conversation is just happening inside your mind and I didn't do anything at all.
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    @saucyatom boy you cheesier than Camembert
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