AT&T LTE broadband: 25Mbps down, 10Mbps up, $100/month

T-Mobile LTE broadband: 90Mbps down, 25Mbps up, $50/month

straight fucking upgrades out of nowhere

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    What. The. Fuck. Are. Those. Prices.
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    @lamka02sk the price of Unlimited™
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    Same ISP:
    300Mb/s, optic -- 9,89 €/mo
    19 Mb/s, copper -- 10,90 €/mo

    They justified the higher prices for copper connection by the support/maintenance, which gets more and more expensive, as it becomes a legacy technology. Too bad I don't have optic in that area :)
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    LTE generally attracts a premium as they don't want everyone hogging the airwaves and the available bandwidth on their masts. But that $100 is pretty crazy regardless.
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    Hold my 50Mb/s LTE for $5/mo
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    Hold my 100Mb/s copper for $6/mo
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    And this is expensive copper lmao. In areas with fiber they provide something like from 300Mb/s to 1000Mb/s for $3-$6/mo
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    @uyouthe lucky motherfucker
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    @netikras *cries in 50€/month copper*
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    @uyouthe woahhhh I pay around $15 for this and thought that's pretty cheap but this ...this is amazing !
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    @ceee Russia is number one when it comes to internet speed for the price, Apple Pay and other electronic payment methods adoption, online banking, online governmental services etc. you can literally Apple Pay in a bus or in subway.

    Would I trade this all for no corruption and no fear that cops will kidnap and torture me? Yes.
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