I accidentally deployed a patch to the development server instead of the production server (which is what I wanted) and somehow it was also deployed to production. I have no idea how, but everything's working so idgaf. If it works it's all good.

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    Dude really what the fuck, I'm super mega confused rn
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    Oh I figured it out, it's just firebase being firebase
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    @010001111 yeah I figured that out the hard way, but unfortunately I'm stuck with it
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    What's wrong with it?
    Only used it in datastore mode and not intensive.
    What did it mess up?
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    @hjk101 If you only use firestore it's ok, but don't rely on cloud functions. They work but they're slow af.

    Also I don't like noSQL databases anymore, I prefer relational DBs.

    Nothing was actually messed up since my code was good, but I could have ended up with broken code on production, which obviously is bad.
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    Never used those in combination with firestore. At work we use cloud SQL. For a private project I use it because it's free. As the data is not too relational it is fine, but still with a relational db I could have done better (constrains mostly).

    Good to know what to avoid thanks @neeno
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