Started at a new college once again after a long pause.
And I have to admit that I suck at basic stuff like algebra. Shit...

I'm putting a lot of time to understand things, but it feels like the knowledge just fades away. Starting to doubt myself...

Not hoping for anyone to support me either, just felt like posting so that I won't keep thinking about it and giving myself bad vibes.

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    Dude, it's 1 am. Get some sleep and don't overthink everything. College is hard, yes, but keep going and you'll pass it eventually.
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    @Kreischo not everyone on this site is European.
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    Yeah we’re not computers.
    But it’s easier to refresh knowledge then to learn from scratch.
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    I know fading away feeling, however I have found that for me it was that I could not connect the concept into a already known and established context for me.

    Math is extremely modular in its conception if you look for the bigger picture you'll find it. It's just sad that most schools do not teach this context information. I would expect that they would at least mention the original problem that's was solved with a certain methodology
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    @Yggdrasil I fully agree. Context is key, why for some (/ most) fields I would recommend doing an apprenticeship before going to university. If you know why you learn something / what it is used for, it becomes much easier to understand* and retain that information.

    *depends on the topic, maths can still be very hard
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    @RocketSurgeon For a moment I thought you were calling him European because everybody eventually passes and not because he said it's 1 AM.

    I've seen more than enough people drop out through sheer demoralization from failing everything to know that that's not true.
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    @sudo-woodo In which universe does everyone pass in European universities? It's quite the opposite at least in Germany.
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    The goal is not that everyone passes
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    @saucyatom Yeah that's what I'm saying, I misunderstood him and thought he said everyone passes here in Europe, and in my experience they definitely don't.
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