I got myself a french press yesterday.
How the fuck did I live without this thing for so long?

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    They're pretty great. I've moved to chemex pour over, but occasionally I'll get it out 😸
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    French press is nice.

    AeroPress takes time to get used to - but nice for single cup of coffee.

    ChemEx is classic ;)

    Vacuum is cool, but breaks pretty easy if cheap.

    *goes in the nerd corner before it gets too weird*
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    Mhm, I do have one as well.
    They work quite good.
    Coffee and tea.
    Always nice.
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    My ocd is severely triggered.

    Why did u do that? (Words per line)
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    How does it compare to regular Wordpress? /S
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    I would
    You know fully
    Well why
    Did that
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    I'm gomna give you a very nice and long hug.

    It's normal that you turn blue. i'm just gonna provide you all my love, hmkay?
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    I used to easily french press 10 reps with 50 kg. But nowadays I prefer military presses.
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    i'm getting worried, what's wrong with espresso machines?
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    @molaram Nothing.

    Karlsberger Kanne... *love*
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    @IntrusionCM Sounds good to me! Surprise hugs are always nice
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    @Jilano my friend.
    Are you sure
    of your knowledge
    about me?
    Are you truly certain?
    Are you truly?
    Then you
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    @Ranchonyx Not molto certain, to être honest
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    @Jilano understandable, tienes un dio bueno
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    Try James Hoffmann's French Press technique. Takes 12-14 minutes and also some time to learn doing it correctly, but it's the best coffee I've gotten out of a French Press.

    There's also a really nice app called BrewTimer which can help you.
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