I have a love hate relationships with Google.

As an investor, I love how they are a natural monopoly that keeps growing into new areas...

As a deaf user, And I hate how they find ways to screw me over while still looking good.

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    @F1973 they just need competitors... If only other companies **cough cough** Microsoft **cough cough** would actually listen to users so it actually builds something we want... maybe they can beat it back a bit
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    @F1973 MSFT owns Windows which runs on at least 40% of all PCs still?

    It should maybe try harder to keep it's users by asking them what they want?
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    The shit they just pulled with g-suite -> workspace does not look good. If you have unlimited storage now you are getting screwed.
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    @hjk101 well if you have unlimited storage u could use it to host pirated content... Which is probably what's happening.

    Enterprises can't do that since they'd be sued out of business and have no reason too.
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    @donuts well if you have internet you could use it to steal, scam, extort. Witch is probably what's happening.

    G-suite is a paid service for businesses and organisations. You need a domain for instance. The enterprise version has unlimited storage. We need a lot of storage for the content we produce. It's not a steaming or video platform, there are fast easier and cheaper solutions to achieve pirating. They can easily shut down malicious g-suite environments.
    The normal Google accounts can also be upgraded in storage but that is another story.

    What Google does here is invite you in tell you don't worry about storage space. We have you covered. And than change the agreement so you need to contact sales to beg for a decent deal so you can operate. That is screwing businesses over looks like. I don't know what they do with accounts that exceed the default 2tb. If they threaten to delete excess than Google has turned into ransome ware.
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    @hjk101 oh I thought In the news they only removing it for personal accounts... Guess not.

    Just take it as a price bump? Enterprise is only 20$ do they're like $100 per yr or is that $20 per user?

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    Yes that is per user and you can not cherry pick.

    Guess again. Enterprise is "contact sales for pricing"
    Even business plus is more expensive. We are a large organisation so we pay an uplift of €2600. So even that is a theft of €31200 annually.
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    All companies have incentive to be evil if their customers don't care
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    @electrineer And let’s face it: the average person is totally oblivious and doesn’t care about much more than what’s on TV — which they’re force-fed anyway via marketing.
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