Fuck LinkedIn
Fuck their closed API
Microsoft always steals your PRIVATE info, but is scared of us using their PUBLIC info
Fucking morons
I can just use selenium and still have all the info I need
Then why the fuck would you close API to approved only
Can't you just track the traffic????

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    Cause they want you to pay 💰
    Linkedin is such a cash cow.
    Facebook is missing out.
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    I think tracking the traffic is considered stealing and is a punishable crime
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    @vane I think Facebook tried (maybe still is) a jobs type service but it was kinda weird (as you would expect) and I never heard much of it after it was announced.
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    @hubiruchi I mean just watch out for the apps that request a lot of valuable info
    Let the devs with basic needs live ffs
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    @N00bPancakes do you have some link to that ? It’s such great product that I couldn’t find it 😂
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    @vane IIRC it was https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...

    But I might be thinking of something else too. The system I was thinking of was intended to be more about local blue collar jobs... but I'm willing to bet they shut that down fast, local is hard.
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    @N00bPancakes thanks ! Looks like they were acquired by company that was cashed out on stock exchange and went bankrupt.
    Interesting if the actual product was worth something and whet people who created it are doing right now.
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