My salary was cut by 25% due to the situation

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    Don't you have it set in contact?
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    The guy from that MTV show?
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    @F1973 I don't know how it is worldwide, but here you can sue for breaking the contract and if they fire you because of it you will also probably get the money you have lost.
    Though most people I know still don't do it since it's a lot of money in the short term, and has no guarantee for success
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    Depends on the contract.

    If they tell you they're cutting your salary 25%, and you think you have a contract that doesn't allow for that then respectfully inquiring about it will at the very least get you some idea of how your employer views that contract, and you know how much to weigh the value of a contract (or at least that contract) with them at that point.
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    @F1973 wait what is the point of having contracts if it's legal to break them?
    How does it work where you're at?
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    @hubiruchi Here if they fire you because you confront them about breaking the contract you couldn't just sue for the unpaid salary (which you will 100% win if the deduction is not legal, which it can be in some cases, if they also reduce your working hours), but also for unlawful termination. Also going to court is not insanely expensive here (it can be free of cost), especially if you can be sure to win like in this case.

    However if they have trouble paying the salary they could also say that they had to fire you for economic reasons (and not because "you're a troublemaker"), so I'm not sure if that second part would work out.
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    @hubiruchi in the US, at least, a lot of states are legally "at will employment" states. Meaning that you can be fired for any reason "because you can quit for any reason".
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    @saucyatom All that depends on the contract.

    You can have a contract that is effectively worth jack squat or one sided.
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    @N00bPancakes Yes, but there are (again, just where I am) lots of relationship what you can and cannot put in a work contract. Your contract could say you have to work 14h a day Monday to Sunday and it means jack shit because that's simply illegal.

    PS: I am aware that regulation of work conditions / worker's rights are not high on the agenda in many other countries and even prevented in some, unfortunately.
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    Cut your productivity by 25% and look for a better employer.
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    Look for another job. Kinda implies your employer is on death's door if they're pulling that crap.

    Clearly they're not making enough money, and the situation isn't going away any time soon, so it's pot luck if they even make it afloat through the next few months. Even if they do, their best tech talent will up and leave to a place paying full salaries, hiring will still be frozen, and everyone else will be treated like crap as output drops.
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    @Root are you hiring ?
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    Have your work hours dropped too? Where are you based on?
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    You've been robbed
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    @sleek Maybe later!
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    A few years ago my job description title was changed from "professional" to classified. Classified sounds cool and all, but it is given to janitors and secretaries. So I was in an outrage because shit like that meant that we would take a pay cut. It was basically a promotion. During a meeting with our head of department when we were going to discuss this outrage we essentially told him that we basically got a demotion and we could not possibly be expected to work professional level shit being that we were on the same boat as other employees. Shit changed fast as shit, the reason? our titles, we were called back then something along the lines of website technicians, and I ALWAYS bitches about how there was NO such thing in the field.

    fight for it if you are not happy with it. I sure as shit wouldn't since it is the same level of responsibilities FOR less, and that shit is not fair. As a manager I would go to hell and back for that shit.
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    @AleCx04 change promotion for demotion** fucking phone
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    @notyourbestdev Lebanon 😔
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    @sleek I would like 7/10 work for @Root
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