The year is 2020, we have:
- Self-driving cars
- graphene batteries
- graphene nanotubes to combat cardiovascular disease
- the ability to fly around the world for very little money (not taking the pandeming into account)

yet we still don't have a simple fucking way to use EXT4 drives in w10 without relying on 3rd party tools...

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    It's coming in the next WSL2 update 🙂
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    Since when there are mass produced graphene batteries?
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    @nonox WSL2 is pretty trashy anyways... I mean sure, it's better than WSL2 but it's still pretty bad considering it still relies on Hyper-V tech, which blocks other hypervisors (like Virtualbox for example) from running.

    @iiii Never said mass-produced though, we have them, they are in production, just small bulk productions.
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    @FinlayDaG33k experimental tech is barely something "we have" I think.
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    @iiii well... graphene batteries are already on the market, just not in the masses we want them to...

    By the logic of: "must be mass produced in order to have something", we don't have prostethics either :p
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    Just use Linux 🚬
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    WSL vs. Linux like jamming a steak in a radiator and banging it vs. having sex.
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    @nonox cool I guess. wake me up again when it doesn't need that shit
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    @Fast-Nop oddly specific
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    @hashedram Sometimes, you have to increase the verbosity level.
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