This weekly group rant...

What's the sexiest dev experience you've ever had? 😏😏😏😩😩

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    When client did not pay to may with FUCK YOU words.
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    A cute girl asking me how JS modules worked (via a common friend recommendation) as she needed it for an exam, and spending a night at the bar due to that.
    I hope I can find her again, she was kind of cool.
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    This one time I hacked the DoJ with the grep command in 10 seconds while getting a blowjob from Halley Berry and having a gun to my head.

    Then later I programmed a worm on the weirdest fucking computer ever while drinking red wine.
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    Having to explain java code to a hot girl in highschool and acting bored while actually being happy as fuck.
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    When my compiler goes from 0 to 100 critical warnings and errors about memory leaks in 2.8 seconds screaming "please stop, you're making me leak".
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    I tried to teach my then-girlfriend in secondary school to program because we had tests to pass. She wasn't interested at all, but it wasn't optional. After a while we stopped because it kept devolving into sex and no work was done, which sounds great but it set her back in her studies by a lot and strained our relationship.
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