Um.. If you mute rant.. and someone ++es a comment of yours..any way to actually see who was it?!

I thought this just doesn't make notif icon spark up and supresses bolded stuff in all but that you are still able to see it under ++ tab if you switch, but nothing is there.. o.O

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    @F1973 lol
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    @F1973 I'll join in
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    You can check the score of your comments but yes, the suspense of who ++ed is lost forever.
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    @theabbie :/ poop.. I was afraid that'd be the only answer..if any was even provided... :/

    I either get gazilions useless new comment on a rant you commented on notifs or have no freaking clue who agreed with my comments.. :/

    Do they also have feature requests?? Or just bug reports for the app? 🤔
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    @sladuled You can create a Rant about feature request, people have done that, or, just mention dfox and tell him. or, if you don't want to trouble anyone, you can filter notifications. Just find more people who want this feature and then you are good to go.
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    @sladuled I posted feature request now, Hope dfox adds this feature

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    @theabbie Oh wow, thaaaanks!!
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