PHP is the dev equivalent of freeganism.

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    Then Laravel is the guy reselling that crate of food out of his trunk and calling it "artisan".
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    I feel offended by this German image.
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi ironically choked on some cauliflower reading your comment
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    Still, its var declaration symbol stands for all the money you make with it while some hipster kids bash it.
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    @RustyCookie we have it in new js so you’re wrong as usual
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    const search = “google”
    console.log(`${search} it`)

    > google it
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    @kiki That's a constant not a var
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    @LameCode20 ayyy that’s a constant not a var bruh shit just never s t o p s
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    @kiki I found it just about comical enough to not feel dead inside for 1 second when @RustyCookie correctly stated variable declaration in PHP is done with the $ and that this is not the case in js, which you try to disprove by defining and logging a constant.

    Damn, I know fellow programmers like to prove their "mother tongue" is better than all the others after drooling over the same code snippet for an hour but bouba arguments like this do put a smile on my face.

    For one second.

    Time to go be depressed and near OD myself on caffeine again. I still have to drool on a few code segments and feel smart after I found out how to fix it while most competent people would've spotted the error in ages.
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    @LameCode20 dm me if you wanna talk about anything
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