New wallpaper. Could'nt be nerdier

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    Cooking recipes count as nerdy wallpapers? 😬
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    Its the json you get when you curl the server at our office that normally provides the information as some crappy pdf
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    DeutscheRezepte.json 😂
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    Čevapi? Are you sure that you are German?
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    @thmnmlst nice a Windows 10 Mobile User - i gave up that Plattform after 8 years (Touch Diamond, htc trophy, Lumia 1020 and the a Lumia 550, so i went All the Way from 6.1 to 10) but the app gap and the constant freezes of my 550 made me switch to the OnePlus 3 this summer.

    Also: is that limited to your internal IP - I get an error 404 :(
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    Who has salad for dessert?
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    @dsteiner try
    Accept: application/json
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    Where did you find that ? There is no salad for dessert...
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    @JaggerJo i guess i will do that somewhen this Weekend.
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    A lot of customisations.
    Device: OnePlus 3T
    PS: devRant image compression is bad.
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