News: Coronavirus lockdown could last for much longer
Introvert living alone: so happy best feeling
Introvert living with their family: kill me, kill me
now I can't hold it

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    Captain here. I am introvert living alone. I am not 'so happy' with this lockdown shit. Come on, no one likes to be locked in.
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    Introverts don't hate people, I like being around people as much as I like being alone.

    A balance is necessary so that we can appreciate both.
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    My kids are "virtual schooling" with me as their "learning coach".

    Most of the workflow is to print pdfs, have the kids work on them, scan them back in and submit them. We can edit the PDF's digitally, but this is too hard for my 3rd grader to grasp, so we have to do it this way.

    And frankly, most people have bailed out and gone back to in-class learning.

    Which correlated directly to a spike in cases in my state, many school closings, etc.

    Humanity can't even save their own lives when all they would have to do is download, edit, and re-upload a PDF.

    Humanity can march for their rights to guns or abortions, but can't figure out a simple business task to save their own lives.

    So... I'm fucking glad I don't have to deal with any of these higher fucking apes in person. Fuck them. Let them go about their fucking days in total denial about well... literally fucking everything... and reap the whirlwind.

    I'll just be here, in my office, like always.
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