I have been told that post lockdown, I must commute hours each day to the office in London. This really makes sense, considering that my reports are not in London, but based in India. The product owner is in India. My line manager and his manager are in the USA. There's no one in London I work with.

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    wE aRe bUiLdInG eFfIcIeNt wOrK cUlTuRe.
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    Pretty sure my response to this recently was “over my cold, fired body”. I can do work and be not as miserable or I can commute and come bitch…you do the math.

    Same situation; India, London, Miami, TN, NY and Seattle and I’m in DC. So out of the 58 people across my teams I can go sit next to two of them. Yay?
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    Sounds like time for a new job to me.
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    @Floydimus it’s not a work culture. It’s a fAmIlY.
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    well at least they're not having you commute to fucking india every day
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    If someone asks me to do something ridiculous like that I just like to see what happens if I ignore it and end up not doing it anyway. If they give you a hard time about it, you can always quit, but I just think it's interesting to see how far you can go with boomer managers.
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    @latisfeire The second a place starts with the family crap I start looking elsewhere
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    @TheBeardedOne Indeed. Realize, this is a mercenary arrangement: You pay me, I work. Would I work for you if you weren't paying me? Probably not. There are those who would. I'm not one of them. Don't speak to me of "loyalty" either when you know that is a one-way street. You want me to be loyal to you but you will merrily fire my ass on a whim.

    Hahaha. No.
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    Tell them to piss off and Boris can suck it.
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    I just wouldn’t go and see how long it takes them to notice
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    @JustThat I have a rant somewhere about the loyalty speech
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    Do they cover the stay?
    If so,
    1. get a moderately expensive hotel, which you do a deal with.
    2. You get the invoice for the stay and the food, but you stay with friends or something.
    4. Profit!
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