I hate how my work mates think coding in Java you automatically become cleaver than most people who code in another laugauge ..
The hate Python and JavaScript , c'mon guys just write your fucking project so long it works you dont have to make statements on how Java is great. . We all no. . Statements like Python is English anyone can write are not welcome

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    Assembly is gibberish anyone can write
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    Good sign to move away. But, again, you sound a little bit biased. Do they seriously think they are smartasses if they write in Java, or it's your exaggeration?
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    My favorite language is love.

    Except react. Fuck react, fuck Facebook, fuck Facebook Open Source, fuck fucking Mark fucking Zucherberg, and fuck every meat bag mindslave still using any part of that platform for any fucking reason; you’re practically facilitating your own informational demise while simultaneously facilitating the fall of democracies globally all so you can feel more popular than you were in High School.
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    For me it's not that the language is clearer, it's that I can spot problems before runtime.
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    @vintprox I wish you could hear their tone wen they deciding on wat technology to use on a project after we discover that Java has failed
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    I'd take Python over Java.

    Java is a nagging bitch that wont let me do what I want to do even if it's just for fun or testing or debugging. C++ and Python let me do whatever the fuck I want, fuck Java, its a language for businesses, not programmers
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