Client texts me ‘can you resend the link to the test page with the video’
My response as not at my desk but remember the page name
Me: Sure it’s ‘website/vtest.php’
Client: i copied the url into my desktop browser and it doesn’t work.
Me: replace ‘website’ with your actual web address.

Dumb Fucking Clients

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    Then they still can’t see it because they’re looking at the cached version.

    So you tell them to hit CTRL+F5 for literally the 40th time while you die inside.

    “Thanks, looks great.”
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    @helloworld Oh, actually helloworld, it looks good but we don’t want the “black bars” at the top and bottom of the video.

    Can you fix that so there won’t be any black bars real quick?
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi hahahahaha I told my clients to CTRL + shift + R to make the web RECOMPILE!!!😂😂😂
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