RIP Atleast he doesnt get called a "Script Kiddie"

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    I have the distinct feeling you don’t last long here
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    I can literally smell your age
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    @010001111 i can literally smell me blocking you and preventing other users like this from seeing you becuase im tired of your Toxicity...
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    Have you found the block button yet though?

    A few more people might follow up if you continue like this
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    @010001111 smells like teen spirit
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi NOW THAT’S COMEDY! 💯😂😂👌🏿
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    im just gonna block both and wait for my next question , see ya never! cause ur blocked =D 🤡
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    U+1F921 U+1F921 U+1F921 U+1F921
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    PHP isn’t great, btw, but it will keep you in work.

    Everybody and their brother has a fucked up WP site they need sorted.

    And from a comedic standpoint, it's the lowest of the low hanging recycled fruit... that apparently you got of a dumpster from that other PHP bashing thread.

    We bash Laravel now, we've evolved.
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    Aw looks like we made the shit posting tard mad.

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    Oh man, what did I do in a past life to deserve this, I'm starting to think I was hitler these days.
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    Wait, so it wasn't SOAD who wrote Toxicity, it was @ 010001111?
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    I'd send him to orphanage if he said "Python"
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    Why do some people think python is simalar to JS?
    they have nothing alike
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    She even cut off her own hand. Sads
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