Vodafone India is so shit omfg

Run npm install, ERROR json parse error due to ssl exception

Run pip install, again ssl exception

Run gradle build, again ssl exception!!!

Now everytime i gotta make a new project or install a dependency in anything, i have to pray to the blood god that cache contains a valid/uncorrupted package dependency or else ill have to nuke cache and borrow internet from someone else.
Once i port it to some other operator, i am gonna incinerate this mf sim.

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    @F1973 i thought i was clear in saying that whenever i use vodafone's "network" to install packages it gives me ssl errors. If i use anything else, it works just fine.
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    Just get a new internet connection
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    @F1973 oh my bad
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    @asgs yeah ill get by 26th any recommendations?
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    @BlackSparrow Airtel Fiber, JioFiber, ACT, Hathway

    It really depends on where you live and the feasibility of these ISPs
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    Force npm to install over http.
    - not great and opens a can of its own worms, but won't cause ssl issues.
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    @C0D4 ill try that out sure
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    so vodafone is playing mitm?
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    @coffeeholic "They cant hack our customers if we hack our customers first"
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    I thought Vi ads on TV was the most annoying thing about Vodafone India but I might be wrong.
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    @BlackSparrow some readers could assume "Vodafone India" is an ISP. Your story was clear enough.

    Good luck with the horrible internet though. The damn internet needs to be a public service.
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    Try and use a vpn like protonvpn or windscrible
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