Feels like dying
I am just a shitty person overall

Sorry all for whatever I said to you that might be suboptimal

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    *Motivational Stuff*
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    Sleep the night away. It will pass
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    @asgs this, just have a glass and hit the sack
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    Instructions not clear. Ballsack stuck in the glass; getting blue-ish. Now the sack's color matches the mood. Was that the intent?
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    @netikras yes, first you must reach the "blue balls of clarity". Now you can pour up a unit of your beverage of choice
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    Imma frame that. Good luck with your go-getter attitude.
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    Honestly, I know you didn't spew nonsense to me, but your post made me feel a bit better because I dealt with friends and random nobodies just talking horseshit to me today.

    So, again, I know you're not one of those I'm pissed with, but this made me feel better.

    So thank you for your confession, I guess?
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    U killed me with this exact de veloper behavior. 😂😂
    U could comment "import * as comment from 'empathy-on-social-media'
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    Bro you are low on dopamin.
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    i believe you have a post-nut-clarity
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