Tips for someone starting their first developer job (Application Developer)?

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    @thunderstorm115 well I’m also curious lmao I’m pinning it
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    Don't care about the language too much. You'll end up doing multiple. Don't be biased upfront. Keep doors open. Fun about this job is: you can get tired of it, you can switch language, os or device. That's my only non-biased advice.

    Do you already know if you like programming / tried something?
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    Oh, and never get upset or stressed. Even when you're right and when you where right in the end. It's never worth it. We're not saving life's and the people not being upset (often the bastards that don't care at all) look more professional / trustworthy

    -> wish someone gave me this advise at the beginning. Still often forget this
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    Understand the language before working the framework.

    Try implementing a spike before working on your product. Will give you a boost in quality and clarity.

    Try to keep your code self explanatory and use a proper linter.

    If it's taking too long, there are probably better implementations. Browse other people's code and gather knowledge. Make informed decision when and how to use this knowledge.
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    Don't work too much, your health (mentally/physically) is the number one priority. Keep happy, distract yourself when you're about to burning out.
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