Please, dear god, is there a browser extension to answer all these shitty cookie/data storage/privacy popups with MY SPECIFIC ANSWER?
As a web dev I understand that websites need cookies, and as a tech company employee I understand that essential cookies as well as functional cookies are okay-ish (most of the time). I just don't want marketing cookies/tracking.
All those extensions just block the popup or block all cookies. This is not what I want!

And why the hell on earth didn't they come up with one single solution for all websites beforehand, so we dont have 6.388.164.341 different popups/bars/notifications/flyouts/drop-ins/overlays???

Thank you for your attention.

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    Did you actually use an IP adress instead of an amount?
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    @iiii Some countries use decimal-comma thousands-point instead of decimal-point thousands-comma.
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    They could've also made obeying the "do not track" header mandatory, or made the ISO set a new standard for automatically expressing data choices, but apparently the lawyers making these technical decisions when phrasing the GDPR were determined to make the "opt-in" process practically impossible to reason against.
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    @iiii wait, is there a difference? I thought you count by IP addresses?! till ...
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    @Lor-inc Yes exactly, THANK YOU. It is just pure stupidity.
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    @sudo-woodo I know. It still looks confusing AF to use anything than a space for delimiter.
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