There should be a show like Masterchef but for programmer. Where the participants build an mvc product based on the challenge of the day for a certain of time, then they got roasted by the juries if it's bad.

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    I really like the idea but I worry that it would just be a lot of bikeshedding.

    Even quite capable people are probe to bikeshedding.
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    The target audience would be some 10k or so people at most. Then again you don't need much equipment if you drop the fluff and then most probably you end up with a hackathon
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    this code has so much spaghetti that it decided to open its own restaurant
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    @linus-torvald I see a potential jury here
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    Only if Ramsay, Simon, and the original Linus judge it.
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    obligatory xckd coming up
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    Gordon Ramsey as jury member: "There is no fucking salt on this password!"
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    @TheCommoner282 I can perfectly imagine Gordon Ramsey having a meltdown over plaintext passwords
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