Isn't getting 0% off exciting?

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    atleast they are honest about it
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    @linus-torvald they could've added an if (...) Too...
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    Not seeing a problem here 😔
    Still cheaper then my side of the world.

    Fuck steam some times!
    Mind you I almost always buy through 3rd party.
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    @C0D4 wow... I was just wondering how much the game cost now... Then noticed the 0% off.

    Thought it'd get cheaper but apparently not...
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    @donuts I just like the actual 0% off when you compare the 2, you have a $20 diff for the deluxe, and I get smacked with $30.

    I get the price hike, it's normal here - apparently I live in the wealthiest country 🤷‍♂️

    I'm a thinking that's a -% somehow 😅
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    Possible round down behaviour? 🤔
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    @asgs wouldn't the default for discounts though be roundup?
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    @donuts I don't know what their defaults are. I was guessing if 0.2 was rounded down to 0%
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    Don't buy this gaas is shit
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