!dev maybe... PSA.... just need to rant...

So I've been damaging my teeth all this time without even knowing it...

Apparently coffee is acidic.... Fck.... And also sugars.... And bread and dairy...

So the problem is not actually plaque.... Just brushing teeth don't help...

Why the fck did no dentist ever say that.... All they say it's brush and floss more....


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    They got to make money, I guess.
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    I'm eating everything including coffee, sweets and carbohydrates, sometimes forget to brush and my teeth are actually immune to caries which was confirmed by my dentist.

    IMO, people make the problem seem worse than it actually is.
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    @iiii lucky you...

    Well no the thing is I'm noticing it after the fact and well my dentists never mentioned this at all.

    And well they do mention I have a lot of cavities, need crown... But always attribute it to some underlying condition I have...
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    @donuts have the dentists ever looked into that you are in fact a donut?
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    @theKarlisK not a donut, but multiples of them
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    I had the same revelation few years ago. I make it a habit to rinse my mouth after every snack, meal or candy
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    @asgs is he a sentinent donut hive? 🤔
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    A dentist once told me that ideally you should clean 30 minutes after every sugar/acid attack. Which basically means you should rinse/clean 30 minutes after sticking anything in your cake hole.
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    @nibor @asgs no the thing is the acidity is in your saliva.

    Which is why I said brushing doesn't help. That's not the problem, root cause .... It's your diet.
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    @donuts acidity of your saliva is not something you can change. But removing the things which partly affect it by brushing or rinsing is something you can do
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    @iiii did you read the link?
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    @donuts I did. Tldr: some people have more acidic saliva so food that makes saliva more acidic affects them worse.

    Though it looks more like a marketing material rather than some serious article
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    @iiii actually, it is serious

    Also, what I learnt during this pandemic wearing face masks while inhaling and exhaling is, I have a much worse breath than I ever experienced

    Anytime I eat hot and spicy food, it is unbearable after a few hours. Vegetables and fruits are the saviour
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    Everything but water is acidic. Where I live it's well known. It's best to eat food and sweets at the same time and then not eat anything for a couple hours, as opposed to having something in your mouth constantly.
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    I checked their links. Their studies are not supporting that you need lower your body/mouth PH. Think about it. If you couldn’t regulate the PH you would taste a lemon for many hours after eating it. You taste sour until your saliva rinses your mouth out.

    Your lungs and kidneys regulate blood acidity. Your saliva washes the acids into your stomach, your stomach is full of hydrochloric acid, that acid is neutralized by your pancreas which secretes sodium bicarbonate.

    Protect the enamel. Have fluoride. Don’t over-brush.
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    @irene I m not sure what you mean study not backed up. but the reason I even looked it up was because I had bubbly saliva overnight.

    Just Google how u can get bubbly saliva...
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    "just Google how u can get bubbly saliva"

    I feel this might not be safe for work!
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    @nibor oh you must have a very nsfw search history then so get results more relevant to your interests
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    @donuts Foamy spit sounds like dry mouth. By “not backed up” I mean the links that they use reference studies that either don’t exist or just lead to a dead link. So their supporting evidence is lacking.
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    @irene oh didn't look that far... hmm... But lots of links on Google

    Yea I do have dry mouth but the foamy was just recent and seems it does have to do with what I eat... Still experimenting though.

    But didn't drink coffee or eat sweets yesterday... Less foam this morning...
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    @donuts You can always suck a bit of an antacid tablet if you want too. If it foams more you had high acidity. I have done that after my mouth is raw from too much pineapple.
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    How the crap is bread acidic? And dairy? Dairy is basic.

    How can your teeth be immune to cavities? They’re made out of calcium (etc.) so they obviously get eaten away by acids. Same reason why vinegar dissolves calcium scale. And bone, for that matter.

    Harsh sounding or not, your dentist is full of it, and so is your chemistry.

    Sugars (including carbs like bread) are not acidic, either. They do, however, feed the bacteria in your mouth (specifically S. Mutans) that secrets acid and is directly responsible for tooth decay. Most others are beneficial, or cause various odors, plaque buildup, help fight other bacterias, etc. It’s an entire ecosystem, and only a few are actually harmful (so killing all of them with mouthwash isn’t good, either).

    Get some sound dental advice.
    It sounds like almost everything you know is wrong.
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    Also, it is incredibly easy to find outright wrong information on this.

    Case in point: if you search for e.g. “non acidic foods” you’ll get lists saying fruits are non-acidic, and sometimes these lists even include bloody fucking lemons. And seemingly random foods are alkaline, total independent of their pH values. Like bloody tomatoes? Come on.

    It’s like these people arbitrarily decide which foods sound healthy or unhealthy, and replace the words “healthy” and “unhealthy” with “alkaline” and “acidic.” And probably sell some supplements along with their BS articles.

    Okay, mini-rant over.
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