Dearest LinkedIn, no-one *ever* cares about work anniversaries. It's not a thing. Stop trying to make it a thing.

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    The same I was feeling about LinkedIn
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    In general, all that "social" "not looking like a marketing message" messages do only exist to make you remember their business - they actually are marketing messages.
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    @Oktokolo It reminds me never to look at LinkedIn. Seriously. Occasionally I wonder what people are up to, and then that crap just reminds me how much I don't want to log onto that platform.
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    Well it does serve as an anxiety inducing reminder that you've been there too long and you should start job hunting.
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    well said.. haha
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    Thank you, thank you! I also would appreciate if birthday reminders and memes wouldn't be there.
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    You would wonder. We have birthdays and anniversaries served in the powerpoint every month for our closest teams/workgroups.
    I agree anything below 10 yrs is not worth mentioning, but realizing we have people with over 40 years with the company changes your perspective.
    The Intel 80286 haven't even existed when they were already connecting our networks together.
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    Also "work anniversaries" were definitely a thing. There used to be employers who were gifting out gold or Rolex watches when you reached certain years (25/30/40/..).
    You're essentially enforcing the "loyalty is not important" mindset, when stating that nobody cares how long you stay.
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    @qwwerty Long service ain't the same thing as a work anniversary. By all means celebrate if you've made it 30 years in the same company, but that's a far cry from the "Congratulate Bill on his second work anniversary!" crap that LinkedIn likes to push.
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    40 years in the same company? Is it a coal mine or something?
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    @A4Abhiraj Funny, how the idea of established stable environment, where you can be employed your whole life and just evolve with the industry, sounds like a sci-fi to todays devs.
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    Right, I thought the point of social media was give people a false impression of how awesome your life is, not broadcast your misery... "Oh I have sucked at this job for 2 years now? Thanks LinkedIn"
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