Do technical recruiters think that developers memorize the technical definitions by heart instead of using them in a seamless way?

What do they want? A dev who knows how to memorize or the one who knows how to implement.

I am really angry and i feel so uncomfortable when they ask me about a specific question and consider it wrong when they don't receive exactly the same answer.

Like one the recruiter told me: well how are you expecting from me to accept you as a developer while you don't know the definition of "technical term".

Dude i learned the hard way by building projects, watching videos, implementation, analysis. I am not going to read 70000 pages to understand the root of a coding language.

You fuckin need the output so focus on this shit.

Damn i feel so angry. Sorry in advance

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    Not just recruiters, happens in technical interviews as well.
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    The trick with recruiters is to let them know right away you are the "talent" and they are the "piece of shit middle man call center worker".

    They are more than welcome to recruit somebody else if they show even one fucking hint of superiority.

    You're trying to get a cut of MY pay just for scrolling Indeed... you don't get to be a dick about it. At all. Even for one second.
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