I don't consider myself a guru in JavaScript (hell I studied theoretical chemistry), but I do hate much of the rationalization behind building a Jenga stack of libraries, frameworks, dependencies... for building everything web related.

Many of the problems I see people solving with these giant stacks could be easily solved understanding how websites work (html, css, js and how interact with each other) with no dependencies giving smaller (for end users at least) and more maintainable code (in the sense it would not require updating dependencies that may be discontinued...)

I do imagine situations where these are ideal... Since there are not absolutes and developing is very context sensitive, but man if I have js article fatigue for ridiculous scenarios.

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    So this it hurts. This is why web development nowadays is so infuriating for me. Any attempt at doing client side is faced with a veritable Genko War of framework devs all fighting for dominance. It's like the idea of actually _writing javascript_ is now a foreign concept. :/

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    @Androbin, +1 for web components ;)
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