i'm really pissed about having to use a not open source browser to take the quizzes for my physics class, so instead of taking the quizzes i complained and wrote an article about it https://scriber.cc/view/4

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    Jesus christ man.
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    it's *renowned* not *renouned* (3rd paragraph).
    Otherwise, I approve. ✔
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    LockDown browser must not exist! Another idiotic surveillance piece of crap. And boomers that want you to use it are violating rights left and right.
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    @guitargirl15 thank you, i was typing too fast to notice
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    That-a-boy 😉
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    schools needa stop with all this bullshit spyware

    or at the very least provide their own hardware with it installed. but preferably just fuck off
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    @calmyourtities well the whole remote exam thing isn't really an option because it cannot be made secure. Yes, school should provide their own hardware.

    But: correct me if i'm wrong, but i'd say the typical linux user is clever enough that he could make a second partition/bootable stick with windows (just dismissing license dialog) use this for the exam and then wipe. Or did i miss something? Crying for everything to be OS is kinda pointless because OS just does NOT work for everyone. Some people want to make money in a way that doesn't involve donations, premium support and low average earnings. And that is perfectly fine.

    I'm much more angry we have to use languages and frameworks that no sane person would ever use for the use cases we use them for in school/university.
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    @eval that's exactly it, you have to boot this shit on your USB stick and god knows if some 30% chance error doesn't happen on random PC, but it's your computer and you don't want your sensitive data to be stolen or harm the PC. If they require it, then setup it on school computers, end of story.
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    @eval yeah, but that's a security issue. we all know windows is much much less secure than linux. and from the schools perspective, they can't really say "use windows without paying for it"
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