Remember the Stress ball's TransOceanic Trackable Voyage? (Also called Devvie in a bottle.) Well, we're finalizing the design. But if you are interested in helping us with software, hardware, launching, recovery, or anything else that might help, join us at stotv.herokuapp.com. PS, we're also looking for sponsors, so if you are or know someone who is interested in sponsoring, send a message to @sven on Slack.

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    @sven on Slack? Seriously? On which one? I have 5 and none with Sven on it.
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    stotv.herokuapp.com, as it says in the rant
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    @lig1 I'm in stotv.slack.com, you can request access via stotv.herokuapp.com
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    Interested in supporting this financially. Not home right now but have favorited and will join channel when home.
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    @darkcode did you get round to joining?
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