For years I've been saying software is "depreciated" , today I just noticed that the term is "deprecated".

Not sure either term really means what we think it does when talking about old software though.


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    Without visiting link.

    Deprecated, To be removed and no longer used

    Depreciated, to loose value (usually $$)
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    @C0D4 And also:
    to loose sth - make it less tight
    to lose sth - cease to have it
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    @Fast-Nop how i love english!
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    Deprecated meaning:

    To belittle or disprove.

    I could apply that meaning to probably 50% of live packages on npm.
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    The idea is it's the *maintainer* deprecating a package - ie. "I wrote this, and I'm telling you it's crap and you should no longer use it". In that sense the term is accurate, though it's fair to say I think it's used in a technology context far more often than not these days.
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    Looks like your old term was deprecated.
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    Log.e(TAG, "setLatestEventInfo() is deprecated and you should feel deprecated.", new Throwable());
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