Just went through a breakup. 7 months pretty much wasted. Felt like whiplash when I realized everything was a lie.

The worst part is my motivation is zero now, and I have projects and deadlines and hopes and dreams that all just seem fake now.

Just like opening the fridge at 1am to find nothing, and then again at 1:05am, and then again at 1:10am, hoping for something to be different, I open vim, then :q, then run ls about 5 times to see if anything's magically changed, then browse HN for a few minutes, open vim again, close it, etc. Motivation is zero.

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    Find something you liked to do before all this mess, and do that, even if you're not enjoying it.

    Sometimes you gotta just do some stuff to get the motivation and thought processes / focus on other things to get warmed up.
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    Don't have much more to say than the others. Motivation is fickle, discipline is where it's at.

    Good luck and best wishes
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    I grew after every unsuccessful relationship. Give your self 8-24 hours to be really sad or drunk if that is your thing. Then reflect on what you’ve learned, then get on with YOUR life. You need to be a growing, independent person if you want to meet someone who is.
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    Shave and then a bath and then a facial peel.

    Then I get dressed to the nines even though I’m only walking 8 feet to my office.

    If that won’t cure your code fugue, just call it a day.
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