Too many night shifts.

But it's done.

After the last migrations my emotional state is... Questionable.

VM migrations between different CPU vendors and generations leading to segfaults because of unsupported X86 extensions.... Thx for doing that at 23 o'clock after 8 hours of work....

Forgetting a left over NIC in a virtual machine, creating a routing loop, leading to very erratic behaviour and fun things.

Someone forgot to check the '"Unique" box, mass spawning a cluster of VMs with same MAC adresses....

DNS fuckery since someone thought that reboot would flush the cache of an DNS server.... Nope most DNS servers have persistent caches. You'll have to flush manually.

And let's not forget the joy of the 12 plus pages of when and where to move VMs, harddrives and VLAN configuration.

Oh migrations are such a festival of joy.

Finally done with that shit -.-

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    You deserve to have Infrastructure as Code
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    @NeatNerdPrime unsure if this is an insult or suggestion for improvement.... XD
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    @IntrusionCM suggestion for improvement. You are among friendly people :-)
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    @NeatNerdPrime ;)

    That's where the road is going (Infra as code)...

    Most of the prep work is done, but IaC is... Hard. Especially when trying to start it in an snowflake clusterfuck state.

    Hence the VM templates and other stuff. 90 % of all machines are now in a "good" state.

    Before. Uhm. Let's leave it like that... It was before. *gg*
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