User: This web page form is too hard to use and is prone to have wrong data filled out.

Me: Uh...ok. Here is a redesign. You literally fill out one text field and a date picker.

User: Oh this is great, thanks.

*checks the database and the very first entry they created had the wrong date.*

Fuck me.

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    Did they choose 2120?
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    Wrong date as in ooops, sth went wrong between client & db?
    Or wrong because the customer is an ignorant jackass and needs AI to predict what they want to fill in & do it for them properly?
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    @sladuled They need an AI to predict what they wanted, discard it, and beat them to death with a club.
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    @sladuled As in 100% user error
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    It’s timezones.

    It’s always timezones.
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi More like lack of interest and pride on the job one does

    They chose a date of 2021-10-12 instead of 2021-10-21
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