What the actual freaking fuck?!?! First this company postponed my jobinterview with a week. Ok shit is busy that can happen. No problem.

I was just about to leave my home when i got a call from them.

“I didn’t know if the interview was remote or not so blabla. Last week we talked to a company and are gonna outsource our development. Therefor we won’t hire any developer right now. But maybe in six months”

WTF?! Are you fucking kidding me? Goddamn asshole, this is ridiculous.

I should’ve just hang up right there. If you run your business like this and threat people this way, i don’t even want to work at your company. Motherfucker

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    I had no idea I would be up against this sort of hiring behavior in this field.

    I stupidly thought quality developers were valued and well now that just feels naive of me
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