I had a talk with my manager about my future role in the company. I had talked with him before about my interest to dive deeper in the technical side - rather than the business side, for which we have a higher dev demand.

The outcome is that I will work more closely with the senior devs on technical improvements and also tech strategy (e.g. implementation of code reviews). I will also advise the upcoming manager of the development team (who is coming from a PM position) on technical decisions. Lastly the roadmap for the company is to work more with cloud technology (azure), which is also going to be in my new duties.

I'm looking forward to these new challenges where I can improve myself on the technical side (yay!) rather than on the business side (which bored me).

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    Congrats! I've been there and it's definitely an exciting change. I never regretted it.
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    Thanks :)

    @F1973 This didn't include a salary renegotiation for a (good) reason: I have been on sick leave for a (long) while, so I can't be like "yo bossman, I guess I'll come back to work soon, but a 20% raise would be cool".

    After I've been stable in health (and job performance) for a while I will ask for / expect a raise, but I'd estimate that to be 6-12 months in the future. Generally I agree though that more responsibilities should come with more compensation.
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