I wish professional health knowledge was more open source like software

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    There is a great phrase why it isn’t, and that phrase is: legislated greed.

    If it was open source, or even legal
    to share any of it, Pfizer, et. al. wouldn’t make nearly as much money. This is very likely the same reason why extremely profitable things like HIV and cancer are still a thing. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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    But like what knowledge exactly?
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    @N00bPancakes Moreso like health science. Crude example: I was told by my doctor today that you should avoid any lactose when you have diarrhea because you temporarily lose this enzyme to break down lactose, and it takes a while to regain it. I thought I had lactose intolerance, but it’s turning out to be a different issue entirely.

    And I guess I’m wrong by saying it’s not open source, but there’s so much vague bullshit out there for views. There’s so many ways to make health science be easily accessible, but I guess it’s just not popular. But I can’t blame anyone bc research papers are the fucking worst to read. I find myself ranting more in comments I’m sorry lol
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    @phat-lasagna I don't think that kinda thing is hidden.

    The BS is because there aren't easy answers, testing required and etc.
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    @N00bPancakes I would say it’s difficult to find best practices and why things are good/bad for you. For example, most people don’t know how most vitamins really affect your body, myself included. That's probably something we should know, but we kinda just get told "hey this makes you healthy" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. You are right that health facts are very variable from person to person, but there is definitely a lot of objective truths that our society should be educated about at this point. This can be concerning bc marketing has no consequences for running gigantic psyops on society.
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    Medicine is harder and more dangerous to test, you can always undo code. If you are talking about releasing the research papers then I think there are some websites tryi g to do that rn.
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    Former pre-med and trained pharmacy technician turned software engineer in the health insurance industry, whaddya wanna know?
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    Get in loser, we’re ceasing the means of production.
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    The problem is you can probably find most things on internet one way or the other, but almost nobody takes the effort. On top of that: the information has 50/50 chance to be bs..
    But I fully agree with the notion that the trustworthy info out there is mostly scientific papers which are hard to read for 90% of the people. But at least the scientific world is trying to focus more on the public understanding of science: popular science is becoming bigger
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    @phat-lasagna the thing you are describing in your latest comment is just false marketing
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    @phat-lasagna I'm prettty sure we have books for those
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi Don't tease me with a good time 😏
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    There is BS , buy also the nature of science... means there will be a lot of legitimate science that indicates one thing that...is wrong.

    It's just not binary.
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    @N00bPancakes yeah science tries to explain and describe everything as correctly as is in the researchers power (if the researcher actually cares about science that is). But of course sometimes wrong conclusions are made and might be corrected sooner or later: once during a lecture my professor told us that we could ignore a chapter because it was disproven that morning.

    What I actually meant with bs is for example charlatans misinforming the public with unsopported claims.
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    @NEMESISprj Yeah the straight up BS is pretty high in volume.
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