Thoughts on mongoose vs mongodb node client?

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    Not many

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    You should usually trust the vendor driver over third party. They have a technological advantage having access to internal information, so you need overwhelming evidence that another driver is objectively better before assuming the risk.
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    @SortOfTested your answers are so thorough and detailed

    I praise thee
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    @SortOfTested Thank you much for your view. I just see a lot of projects using mongoose, but I just wanted to see if there was an underground social resentment for it before I continued lol.
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    personally I prefer using mongoose, nothing bad with using the mongodb client since you do get more control from the get go, but you do have to write "more code" using the mongodb client.

    I say more code in quotes cuz its js, solutions are less cody than in other environments
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    Mongoose helps a lot if you know your way around. There are some queries that are better written with native driver though. For example, pipelines are a mess in mongoose.
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    Omg DevRant is spying on me :o
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    I’m generally dependency-avoidant but I still end up using mongoose rather than the MongoDB Client. Though I think a lot of it has to do with that being the way I was originally taught to interface with Mongo.
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