Time for this big angular website...
Where do I start....? Omg I don’t know anything

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    Start at getting started and just work your way down.
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    As @SortOfTested has shown, the website has a good tutorial where you can build a "heroes" app step by step to learn about all the impotant Angular basics.
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    A "Hello world!"?
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    This made me lol
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    What I would do is start with...


    Then you figure out what each of these do. Figure out how to tie them together. Do a little DHTML. Some simple pure javascript or CSS transition animations. Maybe make a couple one page sites by hand.

    Then... THEN, start checking out Node.

    Figure out how to use Node with Express. Make a site using JUST Node and Express. Figure out Manifest files and Package.json files. Dip your toes into NPM a little bit. But as you go, UNDERSTAND how these things work and how they fit together.

    Then... and ONLY FUCKING THEN, should you start an Angular site.

    I have seen way, way, waaaaaaaay to many developers and their projects get locked into poorly planned JS Open Source Platform (tm) projects which they will not be able to maintain once the dependency update cycle hits as they will be over their heads both in the language and in the platform.
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