Have you ever been there when you write some code with everything you know and it still throws an error in the end when everything is said and done, you go ahead and do a last stupid thing that you know is not going to work but, WOAH... It worked. Then you didn't even bothered to know why, instead you were like, fuck it, if it works, IT WORKS!!!

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    Never, I am to curious, I would need to know or I would not be able to sleep.
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    @Voxera I can understand but deep down inside I know if I look into it now, I'll encounter a new error. I'd rather leave it this way and come back next day to complete. Because I won't be able to leave the desk if I find another error.
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    Unless it's pretty boring work, I'm very curious 😉
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    @Aitkotw well I can postpone digging a day or so to, especially if I am very tired and its seems to be working right now.

    But I rarely can just let it be ;)
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