A year ago I would have said:

"Because I love solving logic puzzles, there's no greater joy than finding a very simple, elegant translation of a user's requirements into code"

Then 2020 came. I'm SO FUCKING FED UP with coworkers and managers who miss all the required competence to organize and communicate about projects as they are fundamentally incompatible with the concept of working from home.

I'm quite sure I'm the last one to give up at my work.

The company chat has completely died down. I've tried setting up meetings, but even my bosses show up irregularly, confused about why I'm calling them in the middle of their Netflix marathon.

So if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. My answer is now:

"I'm a developer because I get nearly 6 figures, for going through my Steam Library while completely shitfaced at 11AM. When I sober up in the afternoon, I work on some hobby projects. I get to spend 500/m on ordering sandwiches"

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    Sounds like a good deal to me!
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    @Elyz For the short term, maybe.

    But I do feel a bit sad that even though our company isn't going bankrupt due to corona, it's employees are trying their best to throw the towel into the ring regardless.

    I've always been someone who didn't work hard for the prospect of a promotion or raise, I work hard because I truly believe in the company. And I can only work for companies whose mission I believe in.

    So it makes me angry that everyone else at the company, including executives themselves, apparently NEED over-the-shoulder supervision to do any work at all.

    The worst part is that this is actually a really fun and rewarding company to work for as a developer — we face very unique challenges which go far beyond "we need to have three pages, a shopping cart and a contact form". We've had junior JS devs become senior Swift devs, we've had a designer train to become a machine learning specialist to the point where Google and Nvidia tried to poach her.

    The company offers very royal programs for education, fully paying everything from trips to conferences to driver's licenses to coaching and gym memberships.

    Yet somehow, Corona enters the picture, and people can't be moved to cooperate in any way anymore.

    I understand this year has been depressing as fuck... So at some level I understand the apathy.

    I just feel like coworkers are dragging me down into their pit as well, and while it seems like a nice vacation for now, I'm a bit scared about what it lead to in the future.
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    @bittersweet yeah I get that. I would lose so much respect for my co-workers if this happened at my company, it's simply unacceptable that functioning adult human beings can't show responsibility and do the fucking job they're being paid to do.
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    @bittersweet the social contract is completely broken.

    Even without ‘rona people were already working longer hours, for less pay, and less benefits, and less respect than their parents.

    This is the first time in the US that has ever happened.

    I’m still working... I’m actually pulling pretty good gross numbers.

    But my level of giving a fuck is exactly zero, and so afaik is everybody else’s.

    Guy at work did some anti mask rant. I dropped the channel and he reaches out like “sOrRy YoU GOt oFfeNdEd”.

    I’m like “mother fucker, I’m not offended. I was offended in 2016. I’m now at the stockpiling dry goods, gasoline, and ammunition phase”
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    @vigidis rant meeting sounds like a plan
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    sounds fucked up. I wish you well!
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    Living the high life I see
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    @bittersweet now we want to know where to apply for the job 😅😂 not for not working but compensation and the history of employees learning that much things and getting a call from big companies
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