I just put my side project working with friends to Gitlab.com. Start to wondering why I was choosing between github and bitbucket while gitlab provides free private repo, free CI runners, and all other useful collaboration tools.

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    Maybe because "no-one" knows gitlab.
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    Personally I'd go for github, because that community is so much bigger.
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    Migrated completely to gitlab myself. Mostly because of the free unlimited private repos :D
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    Having all the stuff behind a self configurated Router/Firewall on a self hosted staging Server makes me feel so much more secure as company owner.
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    @Atlas That's true if you are running a company.
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    @Atlas Self-hosted as inside your own building, as in I break in and you loose everything?
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    @nickpapoutsis self-hosted as inside our own building with weekly incremental external Backups that are stored in two different bank lockers, self hosted as in break in and we loose 1 week of work max.
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    @Atlas As long as you have off-site backups (and you regularly check their integrity) self hosting is the preferable solution for more "sensitive" stuff.
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    @nickpapoutsis the "Check their integrity"-thing once almost broke our neck!
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