Ok what’s better than waking up to the sweet smell of fresh rain & my brewing coffee?

aaand this might not be such a bad Monday after all!

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    And then where I am its burning hot and sunny and I have school so my monday is probably not gonna be the greatest, but I will always try and find way to make it as good as possible lol

    Edit: i n e e d c o f f e e
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    Everybody: This weather sucks.

    Me: [shrugs] It's good programming weather.
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    whats better to wake up to? the smell of a beautiful women sitting on my face!

    also lousy weather? more like camping weather.
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    @F1973 lol i never learned how to swim, but I can float!! 😝

    Coffee doesn’t affect me that way I feel now I mostly drink it out of habit & flavor
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    @F1973 it’s easy you can only float when the water is completely still & pretend you’ve drowned
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    Well, the best of all is the exotic quick mastur****** in the morning and then having a hot bath....hmmmmm
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    @F1973 ok that may be why I am able to float 😔
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    @EDragon hmmm you got it
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    @F1973 your boon = my float
    😆 so much unnecessary junk went into this lolllll
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