None, for me, but that's why I work as a cybersecurity engineer and not a dev!

But, I do tons of side projects and the reason why I love it: it makes me feel like I'm in God mode. (and helps me solve quite some problems)

Quite ironic, for an atheist ;)

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    Praise jibbers
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    How do you like the cyber security industry? I'm a 3rd year comp sci major, looking to get into cyber security and pen testing field post graduation.
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    @kudocto I love it! I've always had the hackers mindset and a (seen from general society) quite paranoid mindset and that makes me fit right into this world 😄
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    One power of the gods?

    Omniscience. The ability to see, and hear, and know all things.

    With everybody putting their entire life on the internet, all omniscience takes is a few keyloggers.
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