time zone shift.

Am I the only one whos's inner clock seems to go absolutely crazy...

Might be due to my health issues, but whenever these one hour time shifts happen - trouble sleeping starts again, feeling sluggish and blue and nothing seems to work.

I hope it doesn't take long to readjust, cause today was completely unproductive

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    Daylight savings. Yeah, it's pretty pointless at best, intrinsically abusive at worst.
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    I would accept a 3 hours winter time shift please.
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    @SortOfTested I used to be all bothered by Daylight Savings. Now that I realize I have bipolar have this fun every month or so. Usually a week without sleeping properly at a time. So Daylight Savings doesn't bother me as much anymore. Bigger fish to fry I guess.
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    I’ve been driving back and forth between timezones lately, so the shift is so common I don’t even really notice anymore.
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    Luckily my sleep cycle is so fucked already I doubt I’ll notice this year.

    I have been doing 8 on 4 off for MONTHS!

    Tbh, I kinda like it. Feels like getting two fresh starts at the day.
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    Feelin letnargic? Exercise until you feel like you’re about to die. That’s what I did tonight! Ran my ass off with a covid mask and man those endorphins are flyin lol
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