Just curious, how many users does devrant have?

How many active commentors/posters?

What about posts or comments per month?

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    Total? A lot. Active: like 40
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    I'm only like a week old user myself... but it seems kinda slow.

    Like, slower than 9gag or Voat.

    Which, I kind of like.

    The community is small, but pretty great. Reminds me of Reddit's very early days as a tech board.

    Oddly, though people come here to "rant", and I think there is almost some invisible hurdle, including user "vibe checks" for really knowing about dev for entry, but... I've seen more community support for newbies and random ass questions than on other places one might expect it like Stack Overflow too.

    Anyway, that's my "first impression" take.

    Basically a bunch of random devs barely clinging to sanity and lamenting the fall of civilization from the comfort and safety of their well built computer battle stations.
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi hello goat.

    yes we do like to decry the fall of civilization here.
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    Total around 29K users, how do you define active users?
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    I'm not active
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    @theabbie Make a bot called @faqs which returns key numbers. For example, “@faqs TotalUsers” should return the total number of users at that point of time.
    Other possible keys:
    You get the idea.
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    @-red It's not possible to get realtime values, I found the total users while making the leaderboard, total number of rants is around 230K, so, no point in making a bot for just 2 outdated numbers
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    I was active once, then I took an arrow in the knee
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi very well said!

    I think your first impressions are right on point

    On that note I need to reinforce my battle station.
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